Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Trip to Huntsville

So last week my sister and I ended up spending a few days in the Huntsville area. It was kind of a last minute trip- we had stumbled upon a great hotel deal online and since she was on holidays, she decided to go and asked if I would like to come along. I of course said yes!

The hotel that we were staying at was fantastic. They had many on-site activities that we took full advantage of including tennis, canoeing, swimming, and pool. I also tried my hand at kayaking, but ended up getting out of the kayak rather quickly as I just don't have the balance needed!

On Thursday we took a trip up to Ragged Falls, which was a good distance from the hotel, but we had went in 2002 on a family vacation and really wanted to see it again. The last time we took a boat right up to the bottom of the falls and then climbed up. This time we had to settle for the trail, but it was fun. The falls are beautiful and its always wonderful to be in the middle of God's creation (to the right is a photo I took of part of the falls).

The only downfall (no pun intended) to Ragged Falls was the stupidity of two parents. They decided it would be fun to launch their kids down the river leading to the falls and it could have very well turned into a deadly activity. As it was the father slipped and fell into the rapids and its a miracle that he didn't end up going down the falls. I understand the idea of adventure, but this was just plain stupidity.

My favorite activity of the trip though was the horseback riding! Neither Erin or I had ever been before and we both really wanted to try it, so we booked a spot and got to ride some pretty nice trails. It was a lot easier than what I thought it would be, although I'm sure it would have been harder if I would have gotten an active horse. Mine was kind of lazy and at one point stopped dead in the middle of the trail and wouldn't go further. I tried everything to get him to move, but he was quite stubborn. It took a lot to finally get him going again, but once he did, he was pretty good for the rest of the ride.

It's too bad horseback riding costs so much here because it's something that I could see myself seriously pursing as a hobby. What can I say- I have expensive tastes. First downhill skiing. Then golf. Now horseback riding. I think I'm going to stick to tennis- its fun and free. ;)

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