Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crossing An Item Off

Many years ago I started my "list of things I want to do before I die" otherwise known as my bucket list. The original list had probably fifteen items on it and I've since added many more items and crossed off quite a few as well. Well this last weekend I got to cross another one off and it was unexpected.

I'm not big into bowling, I go maybe a couple of times a year, but a few years ago I decided that one of my things to do before I die is to one day bowl over 300. I knew it was a long shot, seeing as though I don't normally come anywhere near getting that number, but I added it on the list nonetheless.

So on the weekend when I went bowling with friends as part of a birthday extravaganza, I was shocked and thrilled when on my second game I hit 310! It was great to hit this goal with friends cheering me on and it was nice to be able to come home and cross another item off of my list. That's the fourth item I've been able to cross off during the last year, the other three ones being:

-have lyrics of mine put to music (accomplished x6 this year thanks to a talented friend)
-see a musical (saw the Sound of Music last fall in Toronto)
-visit an art museum (went to the Art Gallery of Ontario in March)

So now that I've been crossing off items, I'm thinking I need to start adding more to the list. My next goal is to start working on the travelling section of my list, but we'll see how that goes!