Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hope Heals

Sometimes when it seems like one prayer after another goes unanswered it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that there are no answers coming and things are never going to change.  But there's something that is even more devastating than unanswered prayer and that is when we our hope.

That's why this project, Hope Heals, brings a smile to my face today.  I highly recommend watching this video that tells the story of Katherine & Jay Wolf and what they are trying to do with Hope Heals.  It's also been an encouragement to me that no matter how dark things look, there is always reason for hope.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Songs I Have On Repeat

I'm listening to quite the mix of songs these days, everything from praise and worship to rock to pop and even a little country, but these are the songs I have on repeat.  Enjoy!

Never Once (Matt Redman)

I can't stop listening to this one because I love the message so much.  When it starts pouring in our lives it's easy to forgot who God is and what He's done in the past and for me this song is a good reminder.

Clouds (Zach Sobiech)
 If you don't know who Zach was, what the story behind this song was, and what lead the celebrities in the music video to put that together for him, do yourself a favour and read this now.

Brave (Sara Bareilles)

All I've Ever Needed (AJ Michalka)

Formerly of the duo Aly & AJ, AJ has branched out with a solo project and if this song is any indication it's going to be incredible.

Starts With Me (Tim Timmons)

 This song really resonates with the teaching I've been hearing at small group and church these days.  It's true that we are the change, it starts with us.

What Kinda Love (Dallas Smith)