Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Recommendations anyone?

I've been given a membership to a movie rental service where you pick which DVD's you want and they send you a few at a time. While this is great to keep me company at night when my insomnia kicks in, it presents a dilemma- what DVD's to pick?

I've never had cable so I'm sure there are quite a few good shows out there that I've missed out on. I'm also not a huge movie goer, so I'm sure I've overlooked quite a few classics over the years.

Which brings me to ask for your help- any recommendations for good DVD's? It can be tv series on DVD, movies, biographies, etc. Zip has a huge archive and I'd like to make use of it while I have this membership!

Leave a comment with your recommendation!

Monday, February 19, 2007

What a weekend!

This weekend I went to the Christian ladies retreat being held at the Days Inn in Timmins. I was looking forward to this weekend and thought it would be a good opportunity, not only for spiritual growth, but to have little responsibilities or obligations for a weekend. I thought I was in for a nice weekend sitting in the background, just taking things in.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

It started Saturday morning when I was called up, in front of everyone, to give a brief talk on how my book came into being. For a seasoned speaker, this may not be a big deal, but I'm not one comfortable with big crowds and I don't like drawing attention, so as I was walking up to the front I was very hesitant. Also adding to the worry is the fact that my memory is so poor because of my sleeping problem- I was afraid to get details mixed up. But God was with me and He was my strength. The minute the microphone was handed over He took over and it literally felt like it wasn't me up there.

Saturday afternoon rolls around and it was time for my one commitment of the weekend- giving a brief talk to the teens during a workshop. I was excited to do this and totally ready to go, when just as I was walking through the door to the workshop room I was stopped by a reporter who was there to cover the retreat. She had heard about my book and wanted an interview. So while my sister pulled off remarkable stalling tactics, I was interviewed by one newspaper (you can read the story here).

Just as that interview was wrapping up, another reporter walks by and the girl that was interviewing me called her over and before you know it, interview number two is happening.

I know it sounds funny considering I'm in radio, but I've never been comfortable talking with the media. Maybe it's just a self-conscious thing, but it's not something I'm used to or trying to embrace, but again, this was such a God thing. He totally stepped in and gave me wisdom and grace when it was needed and I'm really getting feedback (and book orders) from the one article that was put out in today's paper.

So back to the story, just as the two people from the papers are getting me to pose in the hallway for pictures, my sister walks out, wondering what in the world happened to me. After a good laugh watching me having to pose while people are walking by wondering what the heck is going on, she pulls me into the workshop for my talk and I thought it was all over with.

Well, I was followed into the room by a photographer and while I'm talking she's snapping away and I can see the looks on the teens faces thinking "what in the world is going on?" I recognize the look so well because I'm sure it's the same expression that was on my face.

But the workshop went great and was well received. Afterwards I stood at the back and spend time praying for the girls while my sister did her talk and the things that God did in the lives of the girls in the room was incredible.

The doors that God opened up during the weekend was also incredible. I spoke with many women and teens who were very interested in Walking Through A Fallen World and planned on ordering copies at home. I also was blessed to make some connections with people who have similar goals, dreams, and ideas and I could definitely see the hand of God in the networking that was happening.

I can also see the hand of God when I look back and see an idea that was placed in my heart when I was a child and that was encouraged when I was at the retreat two years ago, has now come into being. And the best part of it is: it has nothing to do with me. I could have never orchrasted any of this. It's all for Him, by Him, and about Him.

I'm just living my life trying to be obedient and not get in the way. Praise God for using the foolish things of this world...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pointing in the mirror

“If Christians had given the traditional 10 percent tithe of their income to their churches in 2004, instead of the 2.56 percent that they actually gave, there would have been an additional $164 billion available, according to a report released in October called “The State of Church Giving through 2004.” If the churches chose to funnel just $70-$80 billion of that additional income to missions and humanitarian works, the basic needs of every person on the globe would be provided.”

That quote was published in a recent Relevant Magazine and it is pretty shocking. It's also a good thing to keep in mind when we look at situations, such as what is happening in Africa and ask "why God?"

I really believe that God doesn't make hunger disappear in an instant because He wants us to do something about it. That quote from Relevant is a perfect example of what could happen if every person who considers themselves a Christian would give back to God a portion of what He has given them.

Unfortunately all too often we don't and then point fingers instead at governments and agencies instead of pointing a finger in the right direction: towards a mirror.

Maybe that sounds a little harsh and kind of unrealistic. But I'm no fool- I know that as long as we're living in a fallen world, the problems that exist out there will never cease to exist. But just because we will never be able to alleviate the suffering of everyone, doesn't mean we can't alleviate the suffering of even just one.

Something to think about and more importantly, do something about...