Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Recipes

This summer it's my goal to try out as many new recipes as possible.  It's my attempt to both expand my horizons and also to learn how to become a better cook.

Since we all seem to be searching for good recipes I decided to share some of my favourites so far.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken & Pineapple Kabobs

I was having over a group of six people for dinner and decided to serve this for my main course and it didn't disappoint.

I made a teriyaki sauce to marinate the chicken in, then also used it as a sauce when barbecuing and the end result was quite tasty.  Let's just say there were no leftovers that night!

Bruschetta 'n Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts
I am a huge fan of bruschetta so this recipe caught my eye right away and it's another keeper.  It was a time consuming process stuffing the breasts, but very much worth it.  I cooked these in the oven since it was a rainy day but next time will try them on the barbecue.

Ground Beef Tacos

I had sadly never even tried a taco until a few years ago when my friend introduced me to them and right away I was a fan.  When it came to cooking them myself I looked up quite a few different recipes and this is the one I settled on and was quite pleased with it.  I cut back quite a bit on the chili powder because of my sensitive stomach and they still turned out great.

These can be done in a soft shell or hard shell and taste amazing when combined with a fresh lime drink (see right).  I made a lime mojito's, using sparkling lime water (PC brand), half a lime quartered up, four fresh mint leaves and lots of ice.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Website Launch

When I started my business I had a solid business plan but even the best plan can't prepare you for all the twists and turns that come with owning your own business.  It's challenging but I truly am loving every minute of it!

You can check out the brand new website that was just launched for the business at or like us on facebook!