Monday, October 05, 2009

Wedding Prep

As one of my tasks for the wedding this weekend, I've been commissioned to put together the dance music for the reception. This has lead to many hours of sifting through songs to find ones that will be perfect for dancing.

I've found lots of good oldies, some beautiful slow songs, and some great fast songs, like the one below. However, I somehow doubt that any of us will be that co-ordinated on the dance floor ;)


Anonymous said...

I've never seen any wedding that WILD. It's wild! W-I-L-D!

I wonder if they were super nervous. A wedding day is stressful enough but going down the aisle - dancing, and not tripping? Whew!

Kristen said...

It is crazy. The story is they only practiced once or twice before the wedding, which just adds to it!

That would have been quite the sight to see!