Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Redemption & Someday

So last week I mentioned a song called "Redemption" that I had written the lyrics to and sent to my best friend, Julie Bouchard, who surprised me by coming up with music to the song.

Well now she has recorded a demo of Redemption and put it online, along with another song called "Someday" that we wrote together.

You can check out the lyrics to both songs below and visit to give both songs a listen!

If is a very hard word to live with
Something you wish you didn't
Ever have to think about.
Those mistakes that keep you tossing & turning
Praying, hoping, yearning
To be freed from.

But you've gotta believe,
That redemption is more than just a word
It's the story that God is writing
In our lives
The brush is still in His hands
And the picture He's painting
Is beautiful,
Just so beautiful.

All those things that you've done
The scars, every single one
Have been washed away.
Each tear, everytime you've cried
He's been there by your side
And He promises to never leave.

But you've gotta believe,

Everytime you fall,
Everytime you hide
Everytime you feel
Worthless inside
He's there, oh yeah
Everytime you doubt
Everytime you question
Everytime you pray
He's singing redemption
He's singing redemption

If is a very hard word to live with
Something you wish you didn't
Ever have to think about.

Sometimes my heart grows weary
Sometimes my heart grows faint
Waiting for that special day
When You call my name

Sometimes it's so hard to see
Sometimes I just don't wanna believe
But I've been given a promise
And that promise carries me
Oh yes, that promise carries me

Someday it's all going to fade away
And the Word that became flesh
Will stand right before me.
Someday it's all going to pass away
The old will be gone, the new will stay
I'll be standing there, singing Your praise.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder
Sometimes I just seem to question why
Still I'm holding onto hope
That You will redeem my life

Sometimes my vision is cloudy
Sometimes I don't seem to hear so well
But again You whisper my name
And I'm just so ovewhelmed

Someday, it's a day that I'm waiting for
Somehow, I know that it's coming Lord
Someday, someday.

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Wow. Inspired!