Friday, August 15, 2008

Pumped Up

I'm so pumped up right now. This week I found out that the MAD Christian Radio Show is going to be aired weekly on a secular radio station in Indiana!

This is exciting to me for four reasons:

1. This is the first secular station to start airing the show.
2. I just was in Indiana and while driving through the state thought "Wouldn't it be nice if MAD was aired somewhere here too?" Then two weeks later I get an email in my inbox- sweet.
3. The show is being aired right before Ryan Seacrests show, which professionally means a lot.
4. And most importantly, this is a huge opportunity for people who might otherwise not hear the Gospel get a chance to do so!

So please pray that God continues to give me the words and that He uses the words and the music to touch the lives of whoever tunes in!

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