Friday, March 11, 2011

How Could This Be

Writing is something that I just love to do and my writing takes on a lot of different forms.  Sometimes thoughts or lines will come to me that turn into a devotional, other times a radio ad, other times a chapter for a book and then there are some times that they turn into a potential song.  I say potential because while I can write words that resemble lyrics I lack the musical inclination to turn them into an actual song.  But that is where it pays to have gifted friends :)

To hear one of our recent songs, check out the video.  The lyrics are also posted below.

How Could This Be
By: Julie Bouchard & Kristen McNulty

Moonlight at midnight
All the stars shining bright
Reflections of Your glory
All of heaven tells a story
Seeing just a small glance
Journey of the second chance

Creation redeemed
That's your plan for me
Hearts and lives restored
I'm amazed Lord
How could this be?
How could this be?

Rainbows on a dreary day
Direction when I've lost my way
Light that shines bright inside
Even the darkness can't hide
What a complex mystery
Heaven re-writing our history

That one event changed it all
Jesus Christ, redeemer of the fall
How can it be, how can it be?
Forgiveness and grace are mine
Covered by Your love divine
How can it be, how can it be?

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