Friday, January 02, 2009

Top 4 of 2008

So now that 2008 has passed us by, I thought I'd take a little look back. And instead of doing a top 3 or top 5 or top 10 like everyone else on the planet, I've chosen a different number. It's going to be my top 4. So here it is:

Top 4 Highlights:
1. Trip to the US, with the top four highlights from that being visiting Chicago, golfing the Bull, having a waterpark in our hotel, and visiting Lambeau Field in Green Bay.
2. Visiting Barrie in December, having the chance to work out of the LIFE offices and attend the staff Christmas party.
3. The growth of MAD. In this past year I've seen a lot of new stations sign up for the show and it's been an exciting journey.
4. Spending a Sabbath weekend by myself at my aunts cottage. No TV, no internet, no telephone. I did a lot of thinking, reading, writing, and canoeing.

Top 4 Books I Read in 2008:
1. The Shack (William Young)
2. The Sacred Echo (Margaret Feinberg)
3. Half-life/Die Already (Mark Steele)
4. The Almost True Story Of Ryan Fisher (Rob Stennet)

Top 4 CD's of 2008:
1. The Glass Passenger (Jack's Mannequin)
2. Drive It Home (Paul Alan)
3. Do You Feel (The Rocket Summer)
4. Something To Say (Matthew West)

Looking forward to in 09:
1. Possibly seeing my second book published.
2. Reading through the whole Bible again (yes, that's one of my goals for the year).
3. Traveling somewhere this summer. Not exactly sure where yet, but I'd love to head back out to the East Coast if the rest of the fam is up for the journey.
4. Learning how to take better pictures (another goal for the year).

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