Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekend of Solitude

This past weekend I did something a little different for my time off: I spent the weekend by myself in the bush.

I've had the feeling lately that I needed some time to just be still and so when I found out that I could borrow the cottage for the weekend, I jumped on the opportunity.

I spent a lot of time reflecting, praying, reading, and searching. I didn't have any jaw-dropping moments, but I did have a feeling of peace inside and the experience just being able to be still in the middle of God's creation was a great one.

I did some biking around the lake and went out every day in the canoe. It was so nice to be able to glide across the water with the warm sun overhead. I think weather wise it was the nicest weekend we've had all year!

While in the bush I also did quite a bit of writing for my new book. I'm about 95% done writing the book and it's exciting to see how it's all shaped together. Over the next few weeks I plan on putting some finishing touches on it and then seeing where things go from there.

Good times.

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