Thursday, December 07, 2006

Book Update: lots happening this week

This week I took my last look over the edited manuscript and now it is in the process of being sent to the printers!

While reading over the book I kept having the thought "did I write that?" come to me. Not because the publisher made a lot of changes, but rather because I can see the hand of God on every page and I pray that very hand of God touches everyone who reads it!

The final endorsement just came in- check it out at the myspace for the book: Shameless plug: if you're on myspace please add that site to your friends list and pass the word on! Thanks!

This week I also had my very first interview for the book- great questions from him, silly answers from me. Sounds about right!

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Chris Mascioli said...

Congrats on the endorsements, looking forward to comming back to Timmins and hanging out as well as checking out the book , may God richly Bless you