Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Music Speaks Part Two Continued

When We Know The Story Continued

Here are the other U2 stories behind the songs that I know and promised to post in the comment section of the last post. If you guys know any other stories behind their music or anyone else's, feel free to add it in the comments section!

The song "Bad" from the album The Unforgettable Fire was inspired by a friend of Bono's, who on his 21st birthday was given enough heroin that it could have easily killed him.

"Pride (In The Name of Love)" was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr and is the second most played song live in the bands history.

"The Sweetest Thing" was written by Bono as an apology to his wife- he forgot her birthday while on tour. Being so personal, when the song is played live Bono plays The Edge's piano parts. I guess his wife forgave him because she actually appears in the video for this song!

"Walk On" was written about and dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi. It was U2's effort to praise her for fighting for freedom and her activism in Myanmar where she had been under house arrest since 1989.

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