Thursday, July 06, 2006

2-4-1 Special

So today I received my test results and it turns out that I do have both an infection and another cyst. I thought it would be one or the other, but I got the two for one deal!

But all the news is not bad. The infection is being treated by an antibiotic and the cyst is small enough that it doesn't necessarily mean surgery. Unless I have more pain I'll be waiting until the end of August before making any decisions. At that time I'll go for an ultrasound to see the size of it- if it's smaller, then we can leave it. If it's bigger, then it'll be coming out.

It's been a crazy ride and from the news today it's not over yet. But at least I know that I'm not riding alone.


Chris M said...

Hey Kristen , did you have 2-4-1 special on pizza last night as well to encourage you that you will overcome this, Praying for ya that all goes well

With God all things are possible


Kristen said...

Actually no I didn't, but I thought about it! Too bad we had already picked up chicken that night...

Thanks for the prayers :)

steph said...

just wanted to you know that i'm praying for you. sorry to hear that this thing isn't quite kicked... i'll keep praying that it is.

Kristen said...

Thanks Steph- I really appreciate it.