Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Life

In that one moment everything changed. Darkness became Light. Sorrow became Joy. Despair became Hope. Death became Life.

That moment happened over two thousand years ago when Christ Jesus was raised from the dead after experiencing the most brutal type of death known to man. And that moment's ripples are still being felt today.

When the ripple from the resurrection touches our own lives, everything changes. A bitter heart becomes tender. The most darkest circumstance radiates light. The person breathing their last breath truly discovers life.

And yet all too often we don't see it. We walk through the trenches of life blind to everything else but the muck right in front of us. That's not what Jesus came to give us. He may not stop the rain from falling, but at the same time, He stands in the rain with us and points to the sun that's still shining above those rain clouds. He takes our hand and leads us through the puddles, reminding us to stop to watch the children playing in the rain and then invites us to join them. And in those moments He opens our eyes to the life-giving power that exists even in those drops of rain.

That is the story of Easter and that is the life that exists when we invite Jesus to walk with us. No, it's not perfect. But yes, it is good.

Resurrection = Life. Both here and in the world to come.

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Rick said...

i'll choose life. thanks :)