Tuesday, April 25, 2006


After six months of sickness and lifting restrictions, my incision has finally healed!!! Now while I would have never chosen this journey for myself, in the process I did learn a lot. These lessons aren't new by any means, but they have been engraved on my heart and I don't think I'll forget them too quickly.

I'm learning..

-That making a puzzle is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
-That there is a lot of value that can be found in the ordinary.
-That it's okay to say that things aren't okay, to admit that I have a need or to rely on someone else.
-That a healed soul is more important than a healed body.
-That there's something holy about silence.
-That sometimes the simplest things are the hardest things to do.
-That pride can kill: literally.
-That a meal tastes much better when shared with the company of friends and family.
-That there is joy to be found in both noise and silence.
-That evangelism is a conversation, not a speech.
-That sometimes it takes a scare to make you realize what is sacred.
-That God's strength can bridge any gap that our weakness may have made.
-That little surprises make up for big disappointments.
-That being a person of integrity is one of the greatest gifts that I could give those around me.
-That no matter how bad things look, they could always look worse.
-That a smile goes a long way in changing someone's day.
-That God's light shines even brighter in times of darkness.
-That miracles do happen everyday, I just miss out on them way too often.
-That cards are far more valuable than gifts.
-That music stirs the soul and sparks hope.
-That with God there are no coincidences, only organizing of circumstances that lead us down a road that has twists, turns, and bumps, but leads us straight to His Holy Throne.
-That I'm lucky to be alive.


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Byron said...

Kristen, I was so excited to read this when you posted it. You've really learned some good things. It's just as important to take time out for enjoying this life God's given as anything else.