Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Claim To Fame

Recently I've come up with another one of my infamous "claim to fame" ideas. But unlike all of the other silly ideas that I've come up with, I think this one may actually work.

As reality television continues to climb in popularity and as webcasting is becoming easier and easier, I've found the perfect way to combine the two: with my own reality tv show broadcast on the internet. Brace yourself cause this is going to be good.

You see my family is infamous for one thing: our dinner time conversations. It's almost embarrassing to have people over for supper because we can get a little out of control. But with these random tangets comes a lot of laughs.

Don't believe me? I'll let you in on one recent dinner time conversation (and these are word-for-word quotes):

Senior 1: "Your cat is biting me." Reply: "I hope not- we don't have a cat."
Senior 1: "I went bezerk- I lost control!"
Senior 1: "I killed a man once." Dead silence in the room for one minute. "Well, I almost killed a man."
Youth 1: "I'd rather smell a smoker than a chimney."
Senior 2: "Looking back now, I'm convinced that my father was on drugs."
Senior 1 to lady talking about her sick husband: "What are you complaining about? Everyone has to die!"
Senior 1 after that conversation: "I spent a useless morning talking to her."

And this is just a glimpse. During one point in the dinner my sister and I were laughing so hard that we were shaking, thus the idea of our own webcasted reality tv show came into being.

Wouldn't you watch a show like that? I think I just may have something here...

On the topic of reality (and web based) television, check out some hilarious videos on Google Idol.

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A Bondservant of The Lord said...

yup that would be a blast!