Friday, February 24, 2006

John Piper on missions:

"The reason man was created in the beginning and the reason the church is being recreated in the end is for the worship of God. Missions therefore is neither God's primary end nor the primary end of the church. It is a means to the primary end of worship. Missions exists because worship doesn't. There will be no missions in the age to come. Worship will be our life. Missions is not our ultimate goal. It is a means to our goal.

We cut off the power of the cause of missions when we give it a place in our churches and in our hearts that belongs only to worship. If the pursuit of man's good is not ordered below the pursuit of God's glory in the priorities of the church and the affections of the heart, man will not be well served and God will not be honored."

Your thoughts?

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D.R. said...

Don't start reading that John Piper guy -- he will mess you up. Next thing you know, you will be talking about God's glory all the time and downloading his sermons off the net. Then one day you will travel hundreds of miles just to hear him speak. What is that called anyway? Oh, yeah, the Holy Spirit. He's got the Spirit! And it's addictive.

If you haven't read much Piper, start with The Pleasures of God, move to Desiring God and then off to Future Grace. And finish it off with Let the Nations Be Glad, but only if you want to develop a "God Entranced Vision of All Things" which is a very dangerous thing.