Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Time As A Twentysomething: Part One - Bucket List

On May 9th I passed from my twenties into my thirties and launched a new series as a way of looking back at both the highs and the lows (more here).  Today is part one, the bucket list!

I started a bucket list in my late teens but didn't actually start to cross any items off until I reached my twenties.  I realize there is more to life than what can be captured on a bucket list, I find for me having an actual list helps me to set goals and stay focused and not waste the life that God created me to enjoy.  While it would take more than a blog post to share about all my personal, professional and spiritual goals, today I'm going to focus on my fun experiences bucket list.  Here is what I was able to cross off over the last decade in no particular order:

Travel to: East Coast of Canada (June 2005), Nashville (March 2006), Chicago (July 2008, March 2012).  More travel including destinations not on my bucket list on an upcoming post.

Stay on the oceanfront (September 2012)

Set foot on a submarine (March 2012)

Bowl over 300 (September 17, 2010)

Get my boating licence (July 2012)

Go to university (September 2003)

Learn to ride a horse (July 2007)

Write a book (December 2006 with the next one coming out this year!)

Ride in a helicopter (February 12, 2011)

Have lyrics I wrote put to music (September 2009)

Work in Christian radio (January 2007)

See an NHL hockey game (March 2006)

See an NBA basketball game (March 2012)

Set foot in all of the Great Lakes (completed July 2008)

Become an aunt (December 2011)

Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to take good pictures (August 2012)

See a musical (October 2009)

Visit an art museum (March 2010)

Go fourwheeling/ATV'ing (Summer 2011)

Invent something (May 2012)

Create something that can make a whole room of people laugh (December 2011)

See in concert: tobyMac (2003), Sanctus Real (2006), Newsboys (2005), Skillet (2006), Thousand Foot Krutch (2003), Audio Adrenaline (2005), Hawk Nelson (2006), Matthew West (2006)

I still have plenty on the list to accomplish in my thirties and I'm always looking to add more.  Any suggestions? 

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Anonymous said...

Hike the appalachian trail. Or go to cornerstone.