Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HTML5, The Future Is Here

It's official- HTML5 is feature complete, which means they've added all the features that are going to be included and it's something that web designers and app makers can rely on.

As someone who does website design for a living I have to say HTML5 truly is the future of website design.  Where once for everyday websites developers were pushing things like flash and php, now the standard for websites is clearly HTML5.

So what does this mean for those who use the internet but don't design for it?  You can come to expect websites that are across the board compatible with your browsers, rather than you having to download plugin after plugin.  You can also expect to see more and more multimedia incorporated into websites and features like drag and drop for uploading files.  You can also expect, with a little help from jQuery, a lot more websites that are mobile friendly, meaning you won't have to squint to see text and images on your smartphone.

As a designer HTML5 required new learning yes, but I love what I'm able to do with it.  Want to see an example?  Check out this website I recently completed.  It was my second project done in HTML5 (the first was retracted after the client decided to go in a different direction with the layout and features) and I can't wait to work more in it!

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Mike said...

It's nice to read a blog post from a fellow designer.