Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Church Matters

The last two weekends for me have meant work and lots of it.  Normally I try to keep my work schedule confined from Monday to Friday, but when a big project comes my way, I'm left with little choice.

And while working on the weekends means less social time, a delay in getting the Christmas decorations up in the yard, and less time to spend unwinding, one thing it's not going to mean this weekend is me missing out on church.

While some people have said that church is our way of showing obedience to God, for me it's that but it's more than that too. Church is like having the fire fanned so I can keep running the race with passion from Monday to next Sunday.  When I miss out on either Sunday morning service or meeting with my incredible small group, I feel it. And I don't like the way it feels.

I want to live my life with passion and purpose, not with mediocracy.  So meeting together with other people who get that is like giving water to a thirsty soul.

Yes church is about worship and teaching and obedience, but if you haven't found a congregation or small group where it's also like an incredible family who has your back, picks you up when you are stumbling, and cares for you, you're missing out.

So where are you going to be this Sunday morning?  It's my prayer for you that it's in a community who gets what the Christian life is all about and equips you to run your race with endurance.


Scott Jackson said...

I agree. We should go to church coz we want to, not out of obedience. Small groups were almost always really awesome. I've only done one in the last few years. Your "incredible small group" is a blessing. You're right - I AM missing out.

Kristen said...

Thanks Scott. Good points.

I know small groups can be hit or miss. I was in one before and it was good for a while, but not life changing. I'm so thankful I continued the search and didn't give up before joining this one.

I hope you're able to find that kind of small group community that is truly a blessing :)