Wednesday, October 17, 2012

13 Years

Today marks 13 years to the day that I made the best decision I've ever made and that decision was to surrender my life and heart to Christ and choose to follow Him.

Some people think that surrendering means giving up something.  In this sense I don't agree.  Looking back over the last fifteen years I don't see loss, I see trading for gain.

I've exchanged,

Feelings of unworthiness for unconditional love.

Regret for forgiveness.

Wounds for healing.

Bitterness for grace.

Loneliness for belonging.

And ultimately, death for life.

That choice 13 years ago, that decision to allow God to start working in my life set off a domino effect in my life and I've seen His Hand bring healing and redemption.

Does that mean my life is perfect?  No, far from it.  What it does mean is that I don't walk alone.  Following Jesus brings purpose, but it also provides His Presence and having that with me in this life is just as valuable as what is now waiting for me in the next.   It's an experience that not only brings me peace, love, joy, grace, and comfort, but has transformed me so that I can extend that kind of gift to others.

Does that mean I have arrived?  Hardly.  I like anyone have a far way to go when it comes to being perfect, but with Jesus I am on that journey and every year it is my goal to become more Christlike than I was the year before.

That's the Christian life in a nutshell, less of me makes room for more of Him.  And when you've experienced what having more of Him looks like, you're willing to clear up the space in your heart that's needed to allow Him in, because there's nothing on this earth that can compare to what He brings.

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