Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Superbowl Commercials

Maybe it's professional hazard, but I love hearing and watching well-written commercials. So the Superbowl commercials are ones that I look forward to catching, almost as much as I look forward to watching the game.

This year my favorite commercial of the bunch was Chrysler's. I think what I love about it is how they take something basic, the idea that Detroit is an auto manufacturing town, and turn it into a compelling story.

In my opinion it was brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Yes very well done.

Nicole said...

I also agree, but it didn't really make me want to own a Chrysler. I work for DISH Network so TV means a lot to me. I streamed the Super bowl and commercials from my Sling Adapter at home onto my iPad since I was out of the country this past weekend. I'll admit I watched it all live as it aired but strictly for the commercials. I really enjoyed the Mercedes commercial as it left me in awe of how diverse their vehicles can be and all without any voice overs.