Monday, August 31, 2009

Around & About

So I've been silent for a bit. That's because I've been on the move. First I spent a couple incredible days in Barrie for work, then I had my week of vacation time which was first spent visiting with my sister down south, traveling in and around the area. Then I came back up north for some good old cottage time.

It was a great week and a half and it seemed like everyday was filled with something very different. Some highlights of my time:

The LIFE 10th Anniversary Party
I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to head down to Barrie for the 10th Anniversary of LIFE 100.3, the place that I have been blessed to work for since January 2007 (albeit from quite the distance).

I really enjoyed my time in Barrie and especially the evening of the concert. Three local artists opened the show and each one did a great job, then the headliner was Lincoln Brewster. I've always been a fan of his music and it was great to have the opportunity to see him again. It was quite the atmosphere of worship and I was floored with thankfulness for all God has done and continues to do.

Family Time
After leaving Barrie, I spent a couple of great days with my sister at her home in the Cambridge area. Because she's been on the move quite a bit ever since getting married over a year and a half ago, we haven't had a whole lot of quality time together since she left home, but that changed during my time there. We had a lot of fun together, road tripping around the area, even going up to Sauble Beach for a day. Plus while I was there one of my great-uncles had a barbecue at his place near Lake Ontario and most of my family on my grandfathers side, who I never get to see, were there. It was so nice to catch up with some and meet others for the first time.

Hiking & Biking
While at my sisters place, I borrowed a bike and explored part of the Trans-Canada Trail, which started just over a kilometer from her house. It was a beautiful section of trail and it was fun to explore an unfamiliar area.

One night my sister took me to see the beautiful Webster Falls and the Spencer Gorge. We spent an evening hiking to see the various waterfalls in the area and looking out on the gorge. I got some great photos.

Usually one of the worst parts about being away is coming home, knowing that the holiday is over. But this time around I had a very different perspective. First off, because I knew I was coming home only to turn around and go out to my aunts cottage for the rest of my week off.
Secondly, and more importantly, I realized how wonderful a feeling it can be knowing you have people to come home to. People who actually missed having you around and couldn't wait to hear the stories of your travels. Being surprised at the airport with a welcoming committee and then spending an evening with some of the most important people in my life was quite the nice homecoming.

Cottage Time
After spending one evening at home, my friend and I headed out to my aunts cottage where I spent the rest of my week off. We had a great day and night together, then she had to head back home for work and I spent a beautiful day in solitude before my Mom joined me for the weekend.

We spent time biking, walking, playing bocce, and I also got quite a bit of time in for reading and writing. So much so that I added another couple thousand words to my manuscript for my next book. I am so excited to finish it and can't wait to see what God is going to do with it.

All in all it was an excellent week and a half!


Scott said...

Had I known you were such an avid biker I would have offered you Janice's bike while you were in Barrie. Arrrrg! Missed opportunity!


Kristen said...

I wouldn't call myself avid. I used to bike nearly every day, but now I only seem to at the cottage or when I'm out of town somewhere. However I do really enjoy it.

Thanks, there's always next time though ;)