Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finding The Gospel (In Unexpected Places)

As the title of this blog entry would indicate, lately I've been finding the truth of the gospel in unexpected places. In the books I'm reading. The tv I'm watching. The life I'm experiencing.

The stories I'm reading, watching, and living are about love. About redemption. And about a hope for something greater than what we're experiencing. And aren't those things the real essence of the gospel after all?

Unconditional love seen on DVD as a guy gets himself sent to prison, just to save the life of his brother who's about to die for a crime he did not commit.

Redemption seen in the story of a father, who after being absent for most of his child's upbringing, breaks down the barriers between his kid and himself. The child responds, and together they move towards a future without dwelling on the past.

Love and hope seen in the real life story of a mother who reaches out to her child time and time again, even though this child is verbally abusive, a perpetual liar, and is unable to give that kind of love that she receives. But still the mother loves, and the mother hopes that one day things will change.

These stories about love, hope, and redemption inspire me. Because honestly, it's easy to miss that kind of grace and beauty when we live the kind of lives that we do. Where we're faced with tragedies, pain, and heartbreak on an all-too frequent basis.

But when we do stop and recognize these incredible reflections of the gospel in the world around us, we get a glimpse into the heart of God. The kind of heart that crossed heaven and earth just to make sure that a bunch of sinners would receive the kind of love that He gives, undeserved as it may be.

And being able to find a glimpse of that beauty and grace, is a gift. One that sustains and inspires. It's my prayer to continue to find the heart of the gospel in unexpected places.


Byron said...


I totally agree with this blog you posted. A couple of weeks ago I was watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet and wrote down the following. They were talking about one of the alpha females.

Listen to this:

Though Flower died defending her pups-

“The measure of a leader is not determined by one single act, it’s their lasting legacy that truly matters.”

Awesome! Don’t you think?

Kristen said...

Hey Byron,

That's so true. With most great leaders you could pick out one act that wasn't so great, but when you look at the whole picture, you see an amazing leader.

Thanks for posting the quote :)