Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Weekend

I left Timmins Friday morning to make my way to the MORE Radio seminar in Barrie. I didn't realize how small the Timmins airport is until I've started flying much more in the past few years. You know you're in a small airport when the person who checks you in is the same one manning the gate and the same one taking the stairs away from the plane. No joke.

After landing in Toronto I treated myself to wonderful Columbian coffee, then jumped aboard the shuttle to Barrie. Side note: it feels wonderful to be catered to. The driver of the van came into the airport, personally brought me to the van and carried all my luggage. Then drove me right to my hotel and helped me get in the lobby with all my stuff. All for 46 bucks. Impressive.

I did a little bit of shopping after I got to Barrie. I was trying to track down some distilled water for the sleeping machine, which turned out to be an adventure. No one had any! 8 stores later I finally came across a store that only had four small bottles left. I bought them all and counted myself lucky. That night there was a BBQ to kick the weekend off, which was fantastic.

Saturday was filled with amazing classes. I learned so much and took pages and pages of notes. I even had the opportunity to sit down with a DJ from CHUM in Toronto and learn while he went over a CD of my show- it was an awesome experience! Saturday night we went out for dinner, then went on a sunset cruise. It was beautiful.

Sunday was filled with more very informative and inspiring classes. I probably took more notes that one day than I did the whole past year of schooling combined. I learned a lot about music selection, promotions, and management. It was great!

Besides having tons of fun, the weekend was also a great chance for me to try out my new camera. It has a great widescreen shot feature that I made good use of on the boat cruise. I still have lots to learn about the camera, so it's a work in progress :)

Monday I made my way back to Timmins- the trip ended up taking a lot longer than expected (2 flights were delayed/cancelled), but it was good. I had an opportunity to see the love of Christ in action and hopefully be seen as a reflection of that love. I find it to be such a powerful thing when people are willing to stop in there tracks to help complete strangers, who by the end of the encounter are no longer strangers at all!

It was an incredible trip and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to go. And I'm even more grateful for the way that God provides for His children. It was a step of faith to go and God definitely provided in some pretty incredible ways! What a wonderful Father we all have the privilege of knowing & serving!

Can't wait until the next seminar :)

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