Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Heart That's Free

Here's something you may not have known about me: occasionally I have been known to dabble in poetry. I'm not saying I'm that great at it. And when I do write poems, I don't often share them. Maybe that's because the two times I did, it caused tears (I know what you're thinking- they must be pretty bad).

Anyways, not too long ago inspiration struck and I wrote this. I'm not claiming it's any good. But here is goes:

A Heart That's Free
She lays face down on the floor
Searching for hope but finding it no more
As images pass by on the evening news
She cries and questions what has gone askew?
"Why is peace so hard to find?
Whatever happened to that life-line?"

She looks up and sees a flickering light
A stark reflection in the dark of night
But the light seems too far out of reach
So far it's getting harder to see
"Is there no way to bridge the gap?" she cries
She's been in darkness so long she believes the lies.

But out from that darkness steps a man
And when He reaches the flame, He puts out His hand
Suddenly the spark bursts into consuming fire
And the flame burns up the muck and mire
With eyes of compassion He glances her way
While her heart's in her throat, she hears Him say:

"My child, why do you run? Why do you hide?
Why do you pretend it's alright inside?
Didn't you hear of my redeeming love?
Don't you know of the strength I send from above?
I died for your heart- to set it free
For here and now, not just eternity."

With shaky legs she starts to stand
She moves towards His outstretched hand
He looks at her and with love says:
"I love you my child, today and always
I'll always be here, I'll never leave your side
Walk with me and allow me to be your guide."

So with brittle faith and eyes that finally see
She gives her heart and is suddenly free.
Dancing through the fields of grace
Caught up in an amazing heavenly chase
A life surrendered she realizes is a beautiful thing
So she lets go and with her savior, her life sings.

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