Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Must Read Article

We've all been hearing a lot about the AIDS crisis lately and rightly so. There's an epidemic that needs all of our attention, but all too often it becomes easy to sit back and let the words bounce off of our filters that stops things from penetrating our hearts.

But thankfully there are people who are working tirelessly to get our attention on the subject and one of these people is Kay Warren (wife of Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren). Click here to read an article of hers, published on CNN. It's a must read for any follower of Christ!

It's time that we all get disturbed.


Darin said...


Did you read people's reactions to the article? It's amazing how people's opinions differ so much and how they feel there is a hidden agenda if a "christian" wants to help! I was quite disheartened to read how people have lost their faith, because they have lost faith in the church. Well that's their first problem... they had their faith in the wrong place, and not in Jesus!

One person mentioned that Christianity has become more of a lifestyle than a way of life - and it's true that most of us couldn't care less about the AIDS pandemic, because it doesn't affect us personally. So what can we do to change this? I think we need to pray that God show us how to have a deep love for everyone! I'm not saying we have to go to Africa to make a difference... but if someone comes along our path... let's befriend them... and not preach to them!! Let's be true disciples of Jesus "filled with compassion" as we encounter the broken bodies and minds of this world!


Kristen said...

Hey Darin,
Actually I read the article before all of the responses were posted. But I went through them last night- wow! It's so sad that people walk away from the faith based on the inaction of others.

At the same time though I am encouraged by the scores of people who are getting out there and doing something. I've heard some pretty amazing stories recently about people who are allowing themselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Thanks for the comment :)