Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Birthday In Review

First off- thanks to everyone who called, emailed, messaged, commented, and e-carded (is that even a word?) to wish me a Happy Birthday- I appreciate you all so much!

I had a great day. I took the day off from school and spent the majority of it doing whatever I wanted, which was so nice! :)

So for me the perfect day was sleeping in, going out for breakfast, reading a good book, spending time with Jesus, watching a movie uninterrupted, spending time in the outdoors, eating my favorite foods for dinner, spending time with family, and playing mini-golf.

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without birthday presents! :) I got some speakers for my ipod, a promise from my bro (written on a post-it note) for two free rounds of golf, some golf balls (that I hope I don't lose), and some clothing.

And then tonight I was surprised with a belated birthday cake from everyone at C&C (see photo)- thanks guys!

I am very excited to see what my 23rd year on this earth is all going to bring. Year 22 was very challenging, painful, scary, and heartbreaking at times, but looking back it was also very good.

Thank you Jesus for the gifts of family and friends. And above all, thank you for the gift of LIFE! May I honor You in every moment of every day that I'm given here and may each decision I make have an eternal impact on LIFE There.